It’s such an amazing feeling to witness the long awaited end of the 80+ year span on the prohibition of marijuana. The lasso has loosened and LEGALIZATION is now sweeping across the nation! A HIGH majority of our world’s population is beyond jubilant as we grab our bongs, pipes, and rolling papers to sprint towards the new age of acceptance! Purchasing, growing, and best of all smoking is now the legal right of anyone who chooses to partake! One of the few civil liberties we here at Potriotic take great pride in.

STEMming of multiple visual inspirations & stimulations, Potriotic was a flash of an idea brought to fruition. “Patriotic with Pot” was the thought that came to mind! From that moment forward, we took an oath to pledge our devotion & vigorous support in the fight against the prohibition and harsh legalities of Marijuana.

Potriotic is more than just an apparel line, it’s a movement! Standing strong for what we believe in and proudly showing our support for acceptance.